Build better. Build Together.

Alberta Block is a building connected with a common purpose: to be a connection space for art, commerce and entertainment in Edmonton.

Alberta Block embodies Edmonton’s spirit and character: it’s independence, creativity, and entrepreneurship

Edmonton is also about community. We know good things happen when people come together. This space embraces what it means to work with each other to build something bigger than ourselves.

A part of a vibrant neighbourhood.

Downtown’s best restaurants, coffee shops, and green spaces are just steps away.

New residential developments are bringing an all-day vibrancy back to Jasper Ave.

Light-rail transit is expanding, making more of downtown accessible via car-free travel.

This place has always been a host to independent people: the radicals and mavericks who create their own brand of success.

For over 100 years, Alberta Block has been home to entrepreneurs and innovators. From seamstresses to lawyers to music teachers and cigar makers, independent businesses have sought out the Block. The longest running tenant was CKUA Radio; for over five decades, this community-supported Alberta radio station called Alberta Block home.